Enabling a human owned internet
Your Keys
Your Identity
Self-custody, no one else has access to your keys. Own your digital identity.
Social / Network
Add individuals or entities and assign roles to restore access.
Timelocks &
Use timelocks and conditional logic to add layers of security to your digital assets.
SSI Platform
Issue and manage Verifiable Credentials (VCs) at scale with our SSI platform.
The numbers don't lie.
Year over year growth in the number of data breaches in the US
of cyber attacks are due to human error and incorrect security configurations
Gen Z
is impacted more frequently than any other generation
of individuals say data privacy is a growing concern for them
ARXsky addresses use cases for both individuals and businesses.
ARXsky for Individuals
Your Keys, Your Identity
Never lose your keys again. ARXsky is a digital vault where you can store and recover your digital keys. You can unlock your digital assets using our unique social recovery scheme based on threshold cryptography.
A Social Approach to Key Management
Built with security and ease-of-use in mind. With ARXsky you can assign trusted guardians to call on when you need to recover digital keys, secrets, or assets.
Create Custom Recovery Schemes and Enable Dynamic Thresholds
Easily assign and manage weighting to each trusted guardian and create your own custom recovery scheme. Set-up time-based, payment based, or compute-based unlock requirements.
ARXsky for Businesses
Issue and Verify Credentials
Easily issue and manage verifiable credentials for your users, customers, or employees. Our platform is easy to use and will digitize your assets, enable sophisticated ACLs, and credential verification.
Our platform is interoperable by design, we use open protocols and standards from the start. This lets you use any wallet, issuer, or verifier technology that also use open standards and protocols. There will never be vendor lock in on your data and VCs.
We use best in class Applied Cryptography, and Threat Modeling. Our products are designed with the highest security standards. We have industry leading technology in useability, security recovery, and mitigating risk in case of exposure.
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